Sled Island is a vital component of Calgary’s art and music scene, I’ve been incredibly lucky to participate and create promotional materials for them.

Prior to the cancellation of Sled Island in 2020, I served as their Design Assistant to create social media ads and other promotional materials. After the cancellation I was lucky to illustrate and design ‘The Lemonade Stand’ campaign, as well as the ‘Keep on Sleddin’ campaign. 

2020 Festival Promo


Artist Squares

Before the cancellation, I was in the process of creating an Artist Square (pictured left) for all artists to perform at the 2020 festival.

The Sled Island Lemonade Stand

Once Sled had decided to cancel the festival due to COVID-19, the festival still wanted to share the 2020 Festival Artists’ content – enter Lemonade Stand.

The Sled Island Lemonade Stand functioned as a vehicle for artists content which was shared across all Sled Island social media channels.

Keep On Sleddin’

In November 2020, Sled released their ‘Keep On Sleddin’ campaign in an effort to ensure that this vital component of Calgary’s Arts & Music cultural has a chance to survive the global financial crisis due to the pandemic.