Drawing has been my go to medium for as long as I can remember. In recent years, this has been translated through digital means.

Painted Portraits

In between projects, I accept portrait commissions. The ‘portrait’ will forever hold my fascination as I am continually striving to conquer the concept of ‘likeness’.

Lines and Colour

Digital illustration has allowed me to further explore my love of line and colour.

These illustrations were created with Procreate and Illustrator.


Initially the gateway to my love of video, photography is an important component of my work. Whether it’s catching inspiration, a moment, or fulfilling a clients’ requests – photography provides a wonderful medium to further alter the perception of reality.

Alexis & Remi (2019)

I shot two portrait sessions for Alexis & Remi for their 2020 Wedding – which was later postponed. Both concepts came from the clients, it was fun to explore unexpected environments and clothing for each individual.

Misc Photography